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WE ARE IN BETA and need help with the testings. If you think you can be a beta tester, take a  look here!


Authorization service for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Use your phone to make things happen! 

What is it?

use24h is a system that allows owners to authorize users to activate doors, appliances, eletronic devices, machines...   whatever you can control with a switch! Anywhere, anytime !

How to use it?

1- register your item at your use24h account;
2- configure an open source device using our free application; 
3- get and print the QR code from use24h ;
4- connect your use24h device as a switch.

1- scan the QR code of the device you want to use, with your phone's camera or using our use24h app;
2- wait a moment for the device's confirmation;
3- activate it and... use24h!



Free as in "free beer" for private or commercial use.
(*) If and when we implement a payment gateway, purchases using it (the payment gateway) will be subject to fees. 

User groups

You may limit the access to a group of users or even to a single person. 


Get reports about items and activations (sales).

Open-source hardware

The devices are based on NodeMcu boards. These are cheap, open-source, easy-to-find hardware that use the famous ESP8266 chip.


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